Bubble Blast Valentine

As Valentine’s day is approaching more and more apps get a quick new theme to celebrate the international celebration of love. One of these is the Bubble Blast. Don’t get your hopes up that it is a brand new game intended for the 14th of February. It is just the original Bubble Blast but with hearts and other Valentine’s characteristic features. So If you are playing just for fun and not for the theme you won’t find anything new in Bubble Blast Valentine.

The aim of this game is to pop up all the heart bubbles. Each time a red heart is popped, it will release 4 smaller hearts in every direction that will pop up the nearby hearts. Everything sounds simple so far, but it does get complicated when you need to deal with different heart colors that are more resistant to touches or small red hearts. Those are the blue, yellow and green hearts. The green one needs 2 touches (or hits) to pop, the yellow needs 3 and the blue one needs 4.

bubble-blast-valentine-1 bubble-blast-valentine-2 bubble-blast-valentine-3 bubble-blast-valentine-4 bubble-blast-valentine-5 bubble-blast-valentine-6 bubble-blast-valentine-7

There are two game modes available: puzzle and arcade. In puzzle mode there are many levels (4500 to be exact) and each level has a fixed number of touches available. In arcade mode there are a starting number of touches and you get more of them as the hearts pop. Every new level will start with your previous remaining number of touches until you run out.

Every 24 hours you are allowed to get a hint for one of your levels. The hint will basically tell you what hearts to touch at the beginning. So don’t worry if you get stuck. But do get worried if you get stuck again in less than 24 hours.


A pretty and easy game if you are looking to customize everything around you for Valentine’s (read: if you are a girl). Other than that it doesn’t have anything to differentiate it from the original. The best part is that it is extremely long, so you will not be in danger of finishing the game in one day.


QR Code qrcode-bubble-blast-valentine
Reviewed Version 1.0.10
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 2.1 MB
Advertising Yes
Developer Magma Mobile
Published on: 12 February 2012
Tags: games puzzle