Burn The City

Burn the City is a new game similar with Angry Birds. It features a stylish design and puts you in control of the bad guy in a quest to destroy human cities. The aim is to shoot a fireball towards buildings and other types of structures in order to destroy everything. Although rather short at the moment, the developers promise to add more levels soon.



The story could have been better integrated in the game. You play the role of a small dinosaur that just hatched and finds himself alone because the rest of his family was kidnapped by humans. At least that is what the trailer on YouTube said. After this it goes straight to burning cities.



The game is very similar to Angry Birds. You just don’t shoot birds, you shoot fireballs. Normal physics apply to structures: they fall down, break, rocks roll down etc. A minor problem is that you aim with your finger in the direction you are firing. This can be bad when precision is important and you cannot see the previous mark because the finger has to be positioned above it.

The levels are designed pretty straight forward and do not pose a challenge but do take advantage of gravity or momentum so be sure to correctly time your fireballs.

There are three types of fireballs:

  • the basic fireball which is unlimited and causes minimum damage.
  • the green fireball that acts just like the previous one but causes significant damage.
  • the yellow fireball that acts just like a grenade and also causes significant damage. You can throw this one inside tunnels and activate the explosion only when you tap the screen again.

The second and third are limited and are found only in levels where they are required.

After each level you get a score based on completion time, fireball damage, collateral damage and explosive damage. According to the final score you also get a bronze, silver or gold medal.


Currently there are only 45 levels available with more coming soon. Sadly this number is pretty low so don’t get your hopes up to play this game for an entire weekend.



Burn the City is a fun game, however it is very short and could really use more levels. Although not a direct clone of Angry Birds, it is certainly included in the same genre so if you loved that famous game, you might give this one a try as well.


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name Burn The City
publisher JoshOClock
price CA$ 0.99
advertising-supported no
version 1.5
size 8.3 MB
developer contact burnthecitygame (at) gmail (dot) com

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Published on: 1 October 2011
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