Cheese Tower

Cheese Tower is an easy and fun puzzle game comprised of a multitude of different levels where the goal is to remove certain types of blocks so that other blocks stay on the table. It is very similar with the popular Jenga. These objectives are coated with a storyline to make the game more appealing. The cat is hunting mice and building towers using blocks of cheese. Within these towers there are grey mouse blocks that need to be eliminated. Throughout the game there will be additional blocks that will either be immutable or give other special bonuses.

The levels are organized in the same old fashion, just like other popular games (Angry Birds, Cut the Rope etc.). There are 5 level groups: Kids, Normal, Expert, Insane and St. Patrick’s Day. Each of those has 25 unique levels. With simple math, that brings up a total of 125 levels. Of course there is that limitation for using a certain level group: you need to save cheese slices in order to access levels of higher difficulty.

cheese-tower-1 cheese-tower-8 cheese-tower-2 cheese-tower-3 cheese-tower-4 cheese-tower-5 cheese-tower-6 cheese-tower-7

The physics of the blocks are realistic and we did not find any bugs here. Blocks that fall down in weird positions will settle quickly and not vibrate or slide away.

Tip: certain levels may have a cheese block or two that will stay in a bad position and will fall over the table and take a few other blocks as well. If you need to sacrifice a cheese block then do it from the start.


Cheese Tower is a nice simple game with eye candy graphics. If you are a fan of Jenga then you should give this app a try. It is in no way lengthy but does provide a few hours of enjoyment.


QR Code qrcode-cheese-tower
Reviewed Version 2.2
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 6 MB
Advertising Just for other games
Developer TerranDroid

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Published on: 23 September 2012
Tags: games jenga physics puzzle