CJ: Strike Back versus NinJump

city jump strike back versus ninjump

City Jump: Strike Back was reviewed earlier this month and NinJump (version 1.03) is a game from Backflip Studios Inc. Right now both have a ton of downloads on the Android Market (CJ has more than 500k and NinJump over 5 million). The similarities almost reach the point where you think that they are just two different skinks of the same game. Let’s analyze!

cj strickes back tutorialninjump tutorial

What’s the same?

  • They are both free.
  • They both have advertisements.
  • You control a character that climbs walls in both games.
  • The only needed control is when to jump on the other wall.
  • The enemies follow the same pattern. If you are switching from one game to the other you will know exactly what’s going on.
  • Both have obstacles on walls.
  • Both have balloons that can absorb one hit.
  • You get a special invincible mode when killing the same type of enemy 3 times in a row.

What’s different?

CJ also has boss enemies. Those are stronger, attack you in different ways and have different weak points. This is great and adds value to the gameplay. There are also some achievements available, such as Gain 99999 points that make you want to play again and again.

NinJump doesn’t have bosses but it has an extra enemy: one that climbs down on the wall. Think of it as a moving obstacle. Sadly, NinJump has advertisements inside the game, so a small portion of the screen is always blocked (and it’s also the top one).

The winner

Although Ninjump has way more downloads than CJ: Strike Back, the latter one is clearly better. There are boss enemies, there are achievements and there are no ads while playing.

Published on: 12 September 2011
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