One interesting hardware feature on most Android devices is the built in digital compass. Lots of applications use this to determine the direction you are facing (including Google Maps). The Compass App is a simple way to access the information using a realistic representation of a real life compass that rotates according to the magnetic field.

The main screen can display one of the 6 types of compasses available: Analog, Antique, Digital, GPS, Night and Simple Digital:

Analog CompassAntique CompassDigital CompassGPS CompassNight CompassSimple Digital Compass

The background can also be customized. There are 5 options: none (black), Mesh, Steel, Sky and Wood.

Options like saving the current location or adding a note about it (using the Catch Notes app) can be added to the screen.

CompassCompass, Add Place

There are a lot of setting available that can affect the compass, location, compass appearance, places appearance, new notes, notifications and units (meter, foot etc).

All in all it looks great, works great, has a lot of options and it is free. However, unless you want to know exactly which way is north, the app doesn’t have any other use. And let’s be honest, why need a compass when you have access to apps like Google Maps?


QR code Compass QR code
name Compass
price free
advertising-supported no
version 2.0
size 491KB
developer contact compass-support (at) catch (dot) com
Published on: 27 November 2010