Defender II – higher stages

Given the popularity of the previous Defender 2 post, we went on to play more and more until most skills were maxed and different strategies needed to be developed. Without further to do, here are our thoughts about playing Defender II at stage 700+.


There have been some updates from the initial version we started reviewing a while back. One that is notable is the lifted limit for Mana Research. Although previously we advised players not to use the top spells for fire ice and lightning at the same time, this is no longer the case.

defneder II mana research

Apart from the skill updates, Droidhen now also displays full screen advertisements for their other games (yeah, even if you make an in app purchase to remove the traditional ads). They even have an add for the original Defender game.

Max skill levels

The following are all the skills for our player, but without any bonuses from the Final Fantasy bow.

  • Agility is maxed at level 30 with the value 75.
  • Power, Poisoned Arrow and Fatal Blow are all maxed at level 9.
  • Senior Hunter is also maxed at level 9 and provides 45% extra XP.
  • We currently have Strength at level 117 and it pumps up the arrow’s damage at 488. The next level gives 492 damage and costs 135700 coins.
  • The greatest skill, Multiple Arrows got an improvement after the latest update. It can be upgraded further to allow 5 arrows. Unfortunately, after having 5 arrows with 75% damage the skill only increases by 2% instead of 5%.
  • Mana Research, that was previously limited at 300 can now be upgraded. We are currently at level 15 with 340 mana. This now allows to equip all the 3 expensive spells at once without thinking about the cost of 125 mana per spell.
  • City Wall is still limited to level 21 (300 life points).
  • Lava Moat has a maximum of 3 levels. The last one costs 290 crystals and the second one 150. So be prepared to save crystals if you want to invest in this.
  • We invested in Burn (we have level 3 Lava Moat) and reached level 96 with 500 damage. Next level brings the damage up to 505 and will cost 49000 coins.

Other tips

As you might have guessed, the prices for coins in the Defender Shop is the same, regardless of your level. Which, for high level players is a problem. Why should you pay $1.99 for 8000 coins, when you get more than that for completing a single stage?

defender II - defender shop

As the number of monster increases and your life points are limited to 300, you quickly need to defend yourself from the incoming waves. The difficult part is when the waves start to intersect. Yes, nobody is waiting on you to clear out a wave. And things start getting really interesting when you get some catapults that take the hits and protect those green monsters behind them. Or you sometimes have to deal with spiked monsters and green ones at the same time. Unfortunately, spells will protect you only for a short amount of time in these circumstances. You need to invest coins in Strength and Multiple Arrows if you want to keep up with the monsters.

Published on: 11 August 2012
Tags: defender tips tricks