Defender II strategy guide

We already reviewed the first Defender game by DroidHen quite some time ago. Defender II is an update more than a stand alone game so we won’t be doing a review just for that, but we will analyze some new strategies. The game is pretty much the same in terms of gameplay. The most changes can be found in the skill tree which will impact the way you play more than anything. A new game mode is also available: it’s supposed to be a multiplayer but don’t get your hopes up just yet. And do read our review of the original Defender before continuing reading.

Short introduction

As previously stated, this game is more of an update to the original then a brand new title. The first major change is the new battle mode where you will play a normal game (but without a time limit). In the top right corner there is a mini map of another player’s progress. You both get the same enemy waves so it’s a fair challenge. The obvious goal is to survive longer than your opponent.

The second improvement is the skills. Those are now grouped in different tabs. The bow skills and the 3 elemental spells are still available and have only slight differences. But there are new skills regarding the city wall. You can choose to get some help from the towers in the form of automatic shots and even dig a lava moat next to your wall. The bows have also gotten a bit more organized and are either free or available for purchase.

Another addition to the game is the player levels. After each game you will gain experience points that add up and eventually lead to an increase in your level. The level provides access to improved bows.

defender-ii-1 defender-ii-2 defender-ii-3 defender-ii-4 defender-ii-5 defender-ii-6 defender-ii-7

Tips and tricks

  • When you have finished off the last monsters and still have enough mana to cast spells then do it! Your mana will be wasted nonetheless but at least you will increase your Fire/Ice/Lightning masteries faster.
  • Time tip: after finishing a stage hit the back button to skip all the incrementing stats. Yes you only gain a few seconds, but after 100 stages you want to skip as much as possible.
  • Try to play local as much as possible and use battle mode when you are stuck and need more money to improve your skills. A victory in local mode brings in 2 crystals compared to just 1 in a multiplayer battle.
  • Don’t buy any bows except the Final Fantasy or Hurricane/Phantom Lv.9. Why? Because once you reach a new level and the bow becomes obsolete you cannot sell it or use it in any other way. So it is money/crystals wasted.
  • Watch for catapults and deal with them immediately. They do a ton of damage if given enough time to setup.
  • Read our original tips for the Defender game. Since Defender 2 is more of an update than a brand new title, all those tips still apply.


Defender 2 is a more polished version of the first game and it really balances things out. If you haven’t played Defender then just jump right to this second Game which provides more skills and is a little more fun to play.


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Reviewed Version 1.0.3
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 11 MB
Advertising Yes
Developer DroidHen
Published on: 8 April 2012
Tags: defender Droidhen games