Magma Mobile brings in another quick game on the Android Market (or should we say Google Play?). Why quick? Because it’s easy to learn, it doesn’t take a lot of brains to play and apart from fast reactions doesn’t require anything else from you. The main character in this game is (you’ve guessed it) a dolphin. This dolphin swims in a two dimensional environment (from left to right) and you control only the depth by tapping the screen. Of course there are many bonuses, bad objects that you shouldn’t run into and stars to collect along the way.

Although we have probably already summed up all there is to know about the game, let’s take a further look inside. There are three game modes: race, time attack and child.

  • The first is the basic game: you start with three lives, you collect stars and try to swim as far as possible until you encounter too many octopuses and the game ends. You lose one life if you stay too much underwater and run out of air or when you touch an octopus.
  • Time attack will only let swim for a limited amount of time. You need to collect hoops in order to increase your remaining time. There are no octopuses or air bars so no lives are needed.
  • Child mode is similar to race, but a lot easier. You start off with 10 lives.

dolphin-1 dolphin-3 dolphin-2 dolphin-4

There are quite a few advertisements in the game but luckily none of them appear during gameplay.


Dolphin won’t be an interesting game for the experienced Android gamer. It is more suited for the young audience, the kind of audience that lives in a world full of rainbows, flowers, smiles and dolphins.


QR Code dolphin-qrcode
Reviewed Version 1.0.1
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 5.8 MB
Advertising Yes
Developer Magma Mobile
Published on: 9 March 2012
Tags: arcade games