Drag Racing

For all the gamers passionate about sport cars, Drag Racing is an enticing option. It features some of the world’s greatest and fastest vehicles, starting from Volkswagen Golf VI GTI all the way to Bugatti Veyron and Henessey Venom GT. All the cars come with individual specifications, handling and can each require some time to get accustomed to. The graphics are pretty good, being a drag racing game (racing in a straight line) there are no 3D objects involved. Check a more detailed review below.


You start off with a small amount of cash and an empty garage. It is up to you to pick a car for racing and move forward from that point on. The game has no ultimate goal, just the feeling of driving a more powerful car and competing with tougher opponents.

Drag Racing screenshot Garage

The actual play involves attention and experience with shifting gears. All the cars have a manual gearbox and it is up to you to pick the correct time to shift. The basics are:

  • at the starting line try to get a perfect start by accelerating at the correct moment
  • shift up when the light turns green (means you get a perfect shift)
  • watch the wheel spin: when there is not grip it is better to shift early in order to get better traction

drag racing starting linedrag racing gameplay

There are 2 resources in the game: cash and respect points. The first can be obtained by racing with an AI controlled car or with a prerecorded run by another human player. Notice that whatever the outcome of the race, you still get some money so there’s no way to become bankrupt. Respect points are received when you beat another player, you beat a boss (still AI, but harder than the rest) or you unlock some special features (such as having a perfect run). Cash is used to buy cars and upgrades while respect points are used to buy more powerful upgrades (alongside money).

drag racing upgradesdrag racing race stats


The game has an overall nice design. The cars look fine, but there is only one perspective shown at all times. The only car animations are the spinning wheels and the nitro flame from the tailpipe. You can also customize the main body color in exchange for some respect points. No upgrades alter the car aesthetics in any way.

Tips and strategies

  • Do follow the in-game tips shown at the bottom, after each race.
  • Certain cars accelerate faster and are better suited for 1/4 mile races. Others are heavier but also more powerful and are better suited for 1/2 mile races.
  • Most cars are not very effective without upgrades. Keep in mind that the upgrades will make the car’s price almost double in the end.
  • Related to the previous tip: do not spend all your money and sell your best car just to buy the most expensive one out there. You will end up with a car that will loose in almost all races because it does not have upgrades. How are you going to get more money now?
  • Do not max out on all the upgrades on a car. More upgrades means more money put into the car which will raise its level. Better to be the best in a smaller level then average in a higher one.
  • Winning a race always brings in more money than getting perfect shifts or a perfect start. Different cars have different strategies. For example the SSC Ultimate Aero has a lot of wheel spin when starting. Shifting into 3rd gear right after launch will provide more traction and a faster acceleration.


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name Drag Racing
publisher Creative Mobile
price free
advertising-supported yes
version 1.0.18
size 5.81 MB
developer contact support (at) creative.mobile (dot) com

Other resources

Developer’s website – http://www.creative-mobile.com/2011/05/29/drag-racing-faq/

Published on: 26 June 2011