Dragon, Fly

Dragon Fly is a simple and fun game suited for young children, but which may be played at any age. You take the role of a small baby dragon that learns to fly on his own using the landscape to his advantage, all while trying to escape the protective mother who is after him.


The game controls are as simple as it gets: all you need to do is touch the screen to dive and gain momentum and release afterwards. The trick is to time those actions so that you don’t dive head-on into a hill. There is also a nice tutorial which describes all the basics of the game.

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The app is clearly oriented towards children, having a cheering tune and also having a lovable mother after you (not some blood thirsty beast).

The difficulty increases as you advance to a new realm (picture them as game levels) where the landscape starts to provide more and more problems. To make things more interesting there are a couple of rewards you can have for collecting diamonds, reaching a certain realm or swoosh-ing multiple times.


For the competitive players there is a scoreboard (although some managed to hack it and thus at global level you can see players with enormous scores). The really awesome option is the ability to select the scoreboard’s radius relative to your location. This means that you can see the ratings worldwide, in your country or just within your current city.


I would recommend this app for a short relaxing gameplay and for young children. It’s extremely easy to get used to, fun and above all, it’s free.

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name Dragon, Fly
publisher Four Pixels
price free
advertising-supported yes
version 1.6
size 2.77 MB
developer contact fourpixelsgames (at) gmail (dot) com

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Published on: 25 August 2011