A great addition to the Android Market and good news for arcade fans is Edge, a game by 365 games. As the player you will have to move a cube around in a 3d environment, balance on the edges, collect prisms and reach the end as fast as possible. The average level will take a few minutes to complete so this app is suited to kill time while on the bus. Also, the levels are very well designed so you will be entertained throughout the entire game.

The first impression was not quite as good as it should have been. The menus and fonts used are not very user friendly. Every time you start the app you are required to select the language and whether you want to enable the sound. Why can’t those settings be saved? Also there are a few other navigation problems such as the inability to go back to the main menu once you complete a level.

screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4

But as soon as you get into the game everything starts to look better. The controls and physics all seem well implemented and natural. And the level designs are really awesome. The developers really put an effort here to make the gameplay as interesting as possible. How the blocks move, how to balance your own block on others are all a great site to see. Each time a new move must be used there will be a small in-game tutorial that will show you exactly what needs to be done. And in the event your block falls down into oblivion you won’t be forced to repeat the entire level, just the last bit.

screen5 screen6

A nice touch is the view from above (top right corner of the screen) that helps you to better understand the level layout. Not that this game does not provide a pure 3D environment so you cannot move the camera around to see behind other blocks.


The menus and everything but the actual game look unpolished, but apart from that the game is very pleasant. If you are looking for arcade based puzzles then Edge is the app to get. There are only 46 levels available, but you will enjoy them all.


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Reviewed version 6.1.1
Size 1.7 MB
Free Yes
Advertising Yes (banners)
Published on: 3 February 2012
Tags: games puzzle