EVAC HD is a modern day Pacman for the Android operating system. Although a bit more complex and with superior graphics and sound, the basic principles are the same. You need to navigate through a maze, collect all the pellets and run away from enemies that patrol the area around you. There are many different mazes with bright colors and new challenges so the modern gamer won’t dismiss EVAC HD so easily. The game also follows the story of Cratos and Shadowbox. They will join in with dialogs along the way, Cratos helping you out while Shadowbox placing obstacles in your path.

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In a nutshell, EVAC HD puts you in control of a pink square that moves around a 2 dimensional maze (up, down, left or right) trying to collect all the colored pellets, avoid the red squares and finally reach the exit point.

The game has a total of 32 levels, each with a different maze and a different strategy. Along the way you will encounter new power ups and other elements that will either aid your journey or make it even more difficult. Apart from the Pacman gameplay, you also need to solve a few puzzles, most of which require you to push squares onto pads or to correctly time your movements. Squares pushed in corners cannot be pulled which means they do get stuck and you need to restart the level if they were critical for your advancement. Even during a single level the game has puzzle areas and fast paced actions combined. So as soon as you solve a square puzzle you might end up surrounded by enemy squares that will stop at nothing to get you.

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The controls are easy to learn and do not require a multitouch screen. Basically all there is to it is a D-pad which can also be moved around the screen to provide maximum comfort for both right and left handed players.

The game does come packed with some great humor from the two enemies: Cratos and Shadowbox. The latter one will stop at nothing to make your life miserable while the first one is a more humble and helpful guy. You can also meet him along the way but apart from pushing him around like a regular yellow square there isn’t much activity regarding him. All this story takes place in a Tron-like environment with techy fonts and weird 16 bit music. Overall, the atmosphere is neatly done and all the game elements blend in smoothly.


If you were a Pacman fan in your childhood you will really want to give EVAC HD a try.


QR Code qrcode-evac-hd
Reviewed Version 2.3.4
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 13 MB
Advertising No
Developer Hexage Ltd.
Published on: 11 March 2012
Tags: action arcade games maze pacman