Hamlet Walkthrough


After reviewing the original Hamlet game, we felt a need to walk you through a step by step guide to the game. We know it’s not quite a difficult game, but if you find yourself stuck somewhere this article help you out. Without further to do, here are our solutions.

Act 1


  • change dial to rain
  • tap right cloud, rain falls down, flower appears
  • change dial to sun, bird appears
  • tap bird, bird flies towards the flower
  • tap flower, bird catches seed
  • tab bird again, bird returns to its place
  • sound the horn, bird gets scared and drops the seed
  • turn dial to rain, tap left cloud, plant grows
  • tap sewer lid to remove it
  • tap plant stairs to go inside


  • tap hook
  • tap left hook
  • tap right hook
  • tap hook
  • tap stairs, the character moves into position
  • tap the red switch


  • simply type password on the screen using the elements Pa S S W O Rd


  • tap the spider in the top left corner when it appears, spider will loosen the wall cover
  • tap the wall cover
  • tap the red wire
  • press the green button


  • tap the cage twice to get rid of Ophelia
  • tap the laser in the top left corner, laser gets aimed at Polonius
  • tap the lightning button, the laser is deactivated
  • tap Polonius, Polonius cannot trigger the laser
  • tap Polonius again when he pulls out his bomb with his left hand. This will render him unconscious for a short time and he will drop the remote control for the laser.
  • while he is down, tap the lightning switch to turn on the laser and then the remote control to zap Polonius

Act 2 – paid version content starts here


  • tap the scuba diver mask to open the visor
  • tap it again so that a predator fish will scare the others away
  • tap Ophelia to move closer, an underwater mine appears
  • tap Hamlet to get an idea
  • tap the idea to release the crab which cuts the chain to the mine, mine is released
  • tap Ophelia to save her and finish the game. Just kidding.


  • open the little house’s window, snoring starts
  • when there is a snoring pause, ring the bell, old man will get up
  • tap the old man again and he will pull out a rod and start fishing
  • When it looks like a fish started biting press the bate. He will stop for a moment in mid air. Right then tap a penguin.
  • repeat the process for the second and third penguins
  • Ophelia emerges from the depths, tap her


  • the only letters you will need here are: D, E, I, S, P, O, C. The face in the middle is the corresponding smiley face for :D, :E, :I, :S, :P, :O, :C.

hamlet-12 hamlet-13

  • the solution for the maze is above


  • tap on the curtain, Claudius will appear and will start rocking immediately
  • tap quickly on the music notes to grab them all before they disappear. Claudius will throw his guitar in the old man’s head. He dies 🙁
  • tap the curtain again
  • tap the pipe on the left, a rubber duck will appear
  • tap it again until it enters the pipe on the right
  • tap the spigot to throw down the duck and make an explosion

Act 3


  • tap the small box on the right, a cannon will appear
  • tap the hole from the right barrel, a mouse will run an knock the cannon
  • tap the cannon to fire and create a hole in the ceiling
  • tap the hole, a monkey appears
  • now we need to get violent with the hero: open his thoughts balloon by tapping on him. Now shoot him with the cannon until you get to a mathematical expression like 2 x 2 = 5 in the middle of the balloon. Obviously we need to fix this. Tap the monkey until you get an even number on the right side and then tap the top left barrel to drop cannons until you reach number 4. Our hero will wake up when 2 x 2 = 4.
  • tap the monkey


  • this is a rock/paper/scissors game
  • scissors are obvious, paper is the scroll and rock is the diamond
  • you win when you get all the coins from the monkey


  • tap the big crate to move it out of the way
  • tap the first ladder to climb to the second level
  • tap the crate again to lower it
  • climb the crate and use it to hoist yourself on the upper deck


  • tap the hero, giant octopus appears
  • tap the bale on the right and keep tapping until a cannon appears
  • tap the cannon to eliminate one tentacle
  • quickly tap both eyes to cause the octopus to drop you


  • what you need to do here is help the octopus grab hold of them
  • tap the doors and then the slider to move the ship’s steering wheel
  • Rosencrantz will follow it
  • tap the left tentacle to grab Rosencrantz
  • move the steering wheel back to its place
  • tap the wheel until the rocket is facing Guildenstern
  • fire the rocket
  • tap the right tentacle
  • tap the stairs

Act 4

hamlet-22 hamlet-map

  • before starting you will see a preview of the correct route for a moment
  • memorize it and start your journey


  • you need to infiltrate in the crowd
  • basically just tap yourself wherever you emerge within the crowd


  • you need to get to the room on the middle right
  • don’t try to memorize your path between the rooms
  • exit any room using the same way you entered

hamlet-25 hamlet-26

  • using the surrounding environment try to guess the combination for the door lock
  • you can see a square in the top left, a triangle in the bottom left, another square near the Hero and a plus in the window

hamlet-27 hamlet-28

  • turn on the lights using the switch
  • you need to defeat Laertes
  • for this just throw the object on the right until it changes to an electric lamp
  • tap the wall socket nearby to connect the lamp
  • throw the lamp

Act 5

hamlet-31 hamlet-32

  • you need to figure out where Claudius is going
  • to do this, tap the horse and he will show you a series of rainbow drawings
  • find the black dot in each of them and tap that


  • there are dozens of doors
  • keep opening them until the end


  • each area on the table has a color
  • memorize the colors first, then tap the exact color that the Grim Reaper has in its eyes


  • you have a hour glass and a pebble that is blocking the sand
  • tap the pebble when the arrow indicates down (this only happens once every few iterations)


  • simply click on Claudius’ lever and the subsequent ones that will appear

Now that Ophelia is saved guess what? Hamlet comes back from the dead to take the girl and you go back to the future on your nerdy ship. Not much of a reward…

Published on: 13 December 2012
Tags: games puzzle walkthrough