HeavenHell is another interesting physics puzzle platform game that wraps the gameplay around the fight between angels and demons. It is up to you to push all the demons into the fires of hell and collect all possible diamonds while at it. Before getting your hopes up, this isn’t quite a Mario type platform game. Although there are these platforms, you cannot move any character, except turn it into a cube or a ball (obviously cubes stay still, while balls will roll down).

The first thing you will notice are the awesome graphics. We have to admit that this game really looks great. The user interface is also well done, every button is where it is supposed to be unlike other apps. The font for rendering the numbers does seem a little hard to read and there is a problem on the world screen (numbers are partially hidden and it really looks weird). But apart from that, everything is almost perfect.

havenhell-1 havenhell-5

Moving on to the actual gameplay. Here everything seems to be good too. The first few levels give you some tooltips that help you understand the simple concepts of the game. As the player, you control the shapes of the angels and demons. There are only 2 possible shapes: ball and cube. When you tap a character it will toggle its form. By doing so, it will be able to roll down the hill or stop. Timing is also an important factor in higher levels: as more complex objects come into play it will be required to correctly time your movements.

Regarding size, HeavenHell has currently 4 worlds, each with 20 levels. Every world has new objects which add more challenges but also are more fun and interesting.

havenhell-10 havenhell-11 havenhell-3 havenhell-4 havenhell-6 havenhell-7 havenhell-8 havenhell-9 havenhell-12

The game does have advertisements but they do not appear while you play so they are almost unnoticeable. For those that want to support the developers there are 3 options to do so, each disabling the ads.



Switching from the round shape to the cube will actually push the character upwards (or in another direction) because of the bigger size. This can be useful if you need an extra push to send some demon off the screen.


The game was very stable although at one point it managed to completely freeze our device, later requiring a reset. Other than this it was quite fun but somewhat short. Hope the coming soon world will indeed come soon.

HeavenHell also has a faint made for children feeling.


QR Code qrcode-havenhell
Reviewed Version 1.3.1
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 11 MB
Advertising Yes
Developer Nelphy Games

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Published on: 12 February 2012
Tags: casual games platform