Lair Defense

Another tower defense game is brought to us by Droidhen, the creators of Defender. Just like every tower defense game, it has the same basic concept but with different graphics, different upgrading tree and other minor adjustments. The game is well balanced having a progressive difficulty which will keep anyone alert and engaged. Overall it made quite an impression on us so be sure to continue reading.

The story

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Some pesky humans want to steal dragon eggs, eggs which supposedly make one live forever. The good guys are the dragons who will have to protect their precious eggs from the sneaky humans. The soundtrack and graphics all come together nicely so you immediately feel immersed in the game with an appetite for killing humans. The thought of using dragons as towers is a bit odd (you might expect a dragon to fly around).

Overall game characteristics

Lair Defense has a total of 6 maps which are only available to play in succession. Each map has 8 different levels. And a level is where the actual gameplay takes place, where enemies come in waves and you are required to place dragons in key places. More on this later.

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After each level you get a skill screen where you can use coins to upgrade your dragons and other neat tricks such as purchasing more eggs. You can get coins either by playing the game or actually buying them for real money.



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Because the upgrades have their own screen, during the actual game the dragon upgrades are simplified. You have 3 types of dragons (fire, ice, poison) that require food to be placed on the map. After each dragon created, the next dragon of that type will cost even more. This is a great way to force the player to pick other dragons instead of focusing on a single type.

The resources you have to manage are food and mana. Food is spent when placing dragons and is obtained by killing enemies. Unfortunately stronger enemies provide the same amount of food as the weaker ones. Mana slowly regenerates and is spent by using 2 spells: Firerain and Ice up. The former inflicts damage to a small area on the map while the latter freezes all the enemy units on the screen for a few seconds. Mana can also be regenerated faster if you place dragons on mana pools.

The enemies have predetermined paths but they may change their direction if someone else drops an egg. Their ultimate goal is to get in, get the nearest egg and then get out using the shortest path available.


If you like tower defense games then install Lair Defense as soon as possible. It has great game mechanics, eye candy graphics and a really nice soundtrack. You won’t regret it.

And stay tuned for an upcoming strategy guide here, on Android Target. Yes, we barely scratched the surface with this review, but we will bring you our strategies and tricks soon.


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Price Free
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Reviewed version 1.0.6
Size 9.3 MB
Published on: 18 January 2012
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