Magic Wingdom

Magic Wingdom is a dynamic puzzle game where the goal is to match eggs with the same color on a two dimensional plane. If two eggs of different colors collide then you lose. In a nutshell this is it. On top of these simple rules there are additional combos and boosts that can be applied to make the game even more attractive. For example adding more lives will allow you to get a higher score and even more experience points to help you out.

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There are 3 arenas where you can play. The way in which these can be unlocked is a little odd. But first let’s talk about farms. Yes, farms.


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The way in which the developers chose to integrate the economic side of the game is through farms. Basically you get 4 yards out of which only one is available at the beginning. The flow is this:

  1. You play a game and earn coins.
  2. Using coins you can buy different items for a certain yard. Depending on the item type, it will bring a boost to the yard’s Birds, Plants, Comfort or Décor ratings.
  3. When all the ratings reach 100%, your yard will gain an additional star.
  4. Unlocking the second play area requires one star in yard 2 and for the third area one star in yard 3 is required.

But it also gets complicated. When you buy certain objects you will get a special bonus. For example combining a Tiny Beak with a Baby Bear Pumpkin will bring you an additional score point for every yellow egg in the first play area. These are called mini-quests.



To make things even more complex, you also get to spend experience points on boosts. One experience point is obtained after each new level. Each new level is reached when you have enough experience, experience which you get from playing the game. Simple, right? In contrast with the mini-quests in the yards which have a lower impact on the game and are easier to get, boosts are more powerful. For example you can choose to have extra lives. This will make sure that when 2 eggs crack, the whole screen will be cleared and you will continue the game from that point on.


As with most free games, you can also opt to pay for additional coins and unlocking different arenas. Or even remove the banners altogether.

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We liked this game for its simplicity and overall feel. With next to no time to master it needed, this is great for children and users looking for a quick and fast game. That being said, we did not find any incentives to keep on playing or reach a higher score. All in all, it’s just an egg matching game no matter how many boosts, power-ups and chickens you throw in.


QR Code magic-wingdom-qr-code
Reviewed Version 1.05
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 26 MB
Advertising Yes
Developer PlayCreek LLC
Published on: 17 November 2012
Tags: casual puzzle