Parking Frenzy 2.0

If real life parking isn’t challenging enough for you, then why not try Parking Frenzy? This game requires you to steer your car and park it into a designated position. Sounds easy, right? Well, try doing this with a bird’s eye view and with a touchscreen. We guarantee you will wreck your car immediately. The bad part is that we just summed up the entire game in a few sentences. Other than driving around obstacles and reaching the destination there are quite a few elements that make you keep on playing.

First off, there are exactly 16 levels. But don’t imagine you are playing each level any longer than one minute. All you need to do is drive around a few corners and park in the designated spot which will be almost immediately visible on the screen. This is by far the biggest downside of this game.

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You are allowed a maximum of two bumps per level. It doesn’t matter your speed or the object you run into (human, wall, other cars etc.). If you manage to arrive in perfect condition you will get a 3 star rating, and for each bump a star is removed. For 3 bumps you need to restart the level. Apart from looking nice, the stars have no other use. A great suggestion for Parking Frenzy in the near future would be to restrict the advancement to a certain level until enough stars are earned (like most other similar games force you to). However, at this time you cannot impose that when you provide only 16 levels to begin with.

As we mentioned before, there are pedestrians and other cars moving around. They won’t run into you if you are blocking the street, but you may run into them so watch out.

Overall, the game is not really challenging. The biggest problem you will have is the difficult steering on a touchscreen. As long as we are on this topic, a multitouch device will be required. On Nexus One where multitouch is not fully supported there are problems when trying to steer while accelerating.

You can also play the web based version of this game at There are a few differences here: the car goes much faster and you only get one chance to reach the parking spot (no bumps along the way).


Parking Frenzy is an extremely short game with too little to offer. The graphics are good but until the developers add many more levels and new features, there isn’t much to recommend here.


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Reviewed Version 1.2
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 3.9 MB
Advertising Yes
Published on: 16 March 2012
Tags: cars games racing