Pixel Rain

Pixel Rain is a nice game that belongs to the Brain & Puzzle category. It features a 2D environment where you must strategically place a few objects in order to achieve your goal. The basic laws of physics are present such as gravity, friction, elasticity or inertia. The objects resemble to some extent the building blocks from Tetris and the overall atmosphere is pixelated, hence the name of the game. For a complete image check the YouTube clip at the end of this review.

pixel-rain-1 pixel-rain-2 pixel-rain-3

There are 2 level groups available, Training and Adventure, each with 32 levels. The difficulty is above average so don’t be disappointed about this relatively small number. The goal in each level is to prevent the purple hexagon shapes from touching any yellow balls or pink diamonds. You are given a set of objects that can include these two, purple hexagons and also black neutral shapes. Some levels also have a “rain” of other objects that are sitting on the top edge of the screen and will be released as soon as you place the last available shape. Another aspect that increases the difficulty is the fact that you can only place shapes at the top and you have to wait for them to fall down in the desired place.

pixel-rain-4 pixel-rain-6 pixel-rain-5

Although the easy levels are somewhat linear to tackle, other levels are quite difficult in this regard. The available pieces don’t really make sense and it is up to you to try different combinations to configure the best possible solution. Sometimes it is just a matter of luck to complete a certain level.

The sounds are ok, although during the actual gameplay there is no music in the background, so everything might seem lifeless. The main menu does have a catchy soundtrack.


Pixel Rain is a fun game, similar to Apparatus but not as complex. It is also free on the Android Market so if you love this type of game be sure to download it and give it a try.


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Reviewed version 1.2
Size 2.1 MB
Price Free
Advertising Yes
Developer Silicon Studio
Published on: 7 February 2012
Tags: games puzzle