Sentinel 3: Homeworld

Sentinel 3: Homeworld is another tower defense game where you need to construct towers in order to defend your base and kill all the waves of enemies that are heading your way. It features stunning graphics, a great dubstep theme and some awesome gameplay treats.

Game mechanics


Like most tower defense games, Sentinel 3 follows the same gameplay characteristics. There are 20 different kind of maps that you can play, each with a unique layout. The enemies follow a well known path that is static and cannot be changed. You cannot place any kind of towers on these paths. What is somewhat odd  is that although there are airborne units, those are bound to follow the same paths.


There are many types of towers available. Each has a unique characteristic, but the same old slow tower and specialized anti air towers are present. Basically each tower has its weaknesses and its strengths and it is up to you to determine which tower is best suited for your particular needs during a game. They can be also upgraded to improve their inflicted damage. Throughout the campaign you will get access to more and more powerful towers that you can select to have during the missions. There are limited slots for available towers so choose wisely.

Some original gameplay mechanics are the commander and the barriers. First of all, the barriers are obstacles laid from the beginning across enemy paths. They are pretty strong and also have turrets that fire upon enemies. Damaged barriers can be repaired but cannot be rebuilt once they are destroyed. The commander is a kind of a mechwarrior that guards those barriers. He is able to shoot missiles, move from one barrier to another and has other useful abilities.

Another interesting weapon is the Sentinel itself (your mothership). It has its own abilities that you can take advantage of during the game. Each of those cost energy, energy that slowly regenerates.

Game modes

Sentinel 3 features three distinct game modes: the campaign, endless and classic mode. To unlock different maps for the endless and classic modes you first need to complete the corresponding map in the campaign.



In terms of eye-candy, animations and special effects this game is one of the best. Every character has natural movements, towers have animations for each fired projectile and the explosions look great. The maps are also created with great care for details. One problem here is that the paths are not very visible so it is good practice to study the map thumbnail with the highlighted paths and barriers before starting the mission or else you might build your towers in the wrong place.



Sentinel 3: Homeworld is really a good bang for your buck. The music, graphics and gameplay are great, they fit together nicely and the overall experience is a positive one.

Oh, and the game is also available for the Apple fans on the App Store at

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Reviewed app version 1.1.7
Size 16 MB
Android version required 2.1 and up
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Free No

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Published on: 16 December 2011
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