Sentinel 3 strategy guide

After just reviewing the awesome Sentinel 3: Homeworld app, it’s now time to dig deeper and lay out some basic tips and tricks for this game. We’re not going to give some general dumb strategies, but some tailored tips that will probably make your experience a little better.

Let’s simply get down to business. Here are our top tips for Sentinel 3, in no particular order:

  • Use the slow towers. Use them a lot. A slow target will stay in the range of towers longer and therefore will receive a lot more damage.
  • Learn the proper way to use line lasers. Those towers are available starting from the Channel map (number 15). They fire in straight lines at both ground and air units. Although they have limited range for detecting enemies, the laser beam shoots throughout the entire map. Our goal is to maximize the inflicted damage and here is how.
    laser beam
    Consider the yellow path above and the 2 possible positions where you can place a line laser 1 and 2. At first glance, they both look like perfect spots: laser 1 will shot downwards and laser 2 will shoot to the left thus maximizing the number of enemy units affected. Sadly, what really happens is that laser 1 will shoot just like in the image above. Why? It’s simple: all towers will shoot at the unit that is most closer to your base and is also in range. Although some tower defense games allow you to configure each tower to target the first or the last unit in range, in Sentinel 3 only the first unit is targeted.
  • Read the level details. Some important information is available about the enemy units such as fire retardant skin which can be useful to properly configure your tower slots before the mission.
  • Choose the towers in your tower slots wisely. You might not need the line laser when the enemy paths do not follow straight lines.
  • Try out all the sentinel weapons to learn how they operate. Some will target enemies automatically (attack drones) while others need you to point the location on the map (orbital laser).
  • Make sure you have enough energy units for the last wave of enemies. The last wave will certainly have one or more strong enemies so don’t waste your energy units before the final battle.
  • In one of the first missions there is a tip about interest. The interest is about 5% of your total cash at the end of a wave so it’s not really a big deal. The enemy waves have a linear ascending difficulty so you will need to built towers constantly, not just at the last waves.
  • Try to keep the Commander as close as possible to your towers (sacrifice a barrier if you need to). The nearby towers will have their damage increased based on the Commander’s morale rating. If this rating is 25 then the damages will be increased by 25%.
  • Watch the next wave info at the top of the screen. This will give you a warning in advance should you need a different strategy.
  • Don’t concentrate on a single type of tower. On the last few maps there are enemies that are resistant to fire, laser or slow towers. Relying on just one of these can prove to be a bad decision.

We hope those few tips will be useful to you. If you have anything more to add, just leave a comment below.

Published on: 16 December 2011
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