Shoot Bubble Deluxe

Shoot Bubble Deluxe is a bubble buster game, where you have to shoot color coded bubbles in order to combine at least 3. It’s basically an inverted Tetris where instead of filling a complete line you have to arrange groups of the same color. The concept is interesting and makes the game enjoyable and extremely simple at the same time. There is basically no learning curve at all.

There are 2 game modes: puzzle and arcade. In puzzle there are 256 levels. After every 8th bubble you shoot the whole screen goes down one row which makes the game more challenging. In arcade mode, the screen gradually moves downward so your time for thinking is limited.

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A big thumbs up for the developers who added a colorblind display. By using this, every color is coded using a different symbol. Although it’s harder, people with this disability can still enjoy the game!


You might wonder what kind of tips could a game this simple have. We only have 3 for now:

  • Learn how to shoot into the right and left edges so that the bubble bounces back. This is critical if you need to match a couple of bubbles at the very top of the screen in order to lose a big bunch all at once.
  • Watch the next bubble in your gun and plan accordingly. If the next one will help you match a group and the current one is useless then make sure to attach it to the group that will be removed.
  • The bubbles you get to shoot are randomly chosen so in some cases it’s a matter of luck if you manage to clear your way or not. Also consider that the randomness is only influenced by the existing bubbles placed on the screen so it’s a good strategy to get rid of a color soon so that it won’t show up ever again.


Shoot Bubble Deluxe is a simple game with simple rules but a lot of fun. It doesn’t require a large amount of time or thinking which make it ideal for the casual gamer. And it is also free.


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Reviewed Version 2.8
Price Free
Size 1.2 MB
Advertising No
Developer City Games LLC
Published on: 9 February 2012
Tags: games puzzle