Shoot the Apple

Shoot the Apple is a puzzle game in which you will have to shoot alien puppets using a canon and eventually hit a smiling apple. The game has quite a childish feel, but if you can get pass that, you should have an enjoyable experience. The current version has 275 distinct levels which we found to be a moderate length. 25 Levels were added in the latest update since we started playing (from the original 250) so the developers seem to be supporting this application.

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As we said before, this game is all about little cute aliens, cute apples, cute sounds and overall a general game experience you would normally expect from a toddler game. We thought this was a little weird but as long as the gameplay is good we might let this one slip.

Each level has a canon (some have more) that has unlimited alien ammunition. The goal is to get at least one alien to touch the apple. Depending on how many aliens you shoot you will get from 1 to 3 stars at the end of the level. And each star will bring you 15 coins. More on these later.

Overall the level design is good, but there are some minor issues we have encountered. On complex levels there is almost always an obvious solution thought by the designers (e.g. push button X, blow that TNT, reach the apple) but some may be cheated by a single precision shot in the right spot. So if you get 3 stars for using only 2 aliens don’t expect to receive any bonus for just one alien.

At this moment there are 11 level groups (each one has a certain theme) with each having 25 individual levels. Advancing to another level is possible when the previous one is completed. Activating a level group costs coins so you might want to spend some time and get 3 stars on most of the levels if you want to keep playing. Otherwise, there is always the option to pay real cash for the coins.

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Overall we liked the game. It is not a challenging puzzle game, but enough to kill some time. The ads and popups within the game are never shown during the actual gameplay and are not intrusive or irritating. If you played Defender you know what we mean. There is not true incentive to buy coins during the game. It’s true that you will always be on a tight budget when unlocking levels but the game is far too easy to provide an incentive for the purchase.


Name Shoot the Apple
QR code qrcode
Developer DroidHen
Reviewed version 1.0.6
Size 9.6 MB
Price Free
Advertisements Yes
Published on: 10 January 2012
Tags: games