Remember the time when you were opening the newspaper on that certain page because you knew there would be a brand new Sudoku waiting for you to solve it? Although the days of pencil and paper are almost over, Sudoku has moved on to the digital realm where you can still enjoy the game. This app having the same title – Sudoku – is a simple and clean way to kill time and put your intelligence to the test. With a decent number of puzzles available from start, this game will surely be loved by those who enjoy Sudoku.

What we enjoyed from the start is the simplicity. There are no ads to clutter the screen or other borders, shadows and textures. This is great for small screens. To type in a number you need to first select that square and then tap on the correct number shown on the bottom screen. For those who used to make little notes as to what numbers could be placed where there is a solution for it: you can do this by tapping the “notes” toggle. They will appear as tiny boxes inside the parent cell.

In the menu we also found a solver screen. Here you can input the numbers on a blank 9×9 board and the app will solve the puzzle for you. It’s a nice feature to have, but considering that Google Goggles does the same thing (and it also allows you to take a picture of the Sudoku as input) this is redundant.

For those who need a challenge there is a timer running that will record your struggles. After the puzzle is complete, the total time will be displayed next to the puzzle’s thumbnail. There are 4 difficulty levels, each with 10 Sudoku puzzles. For those who want more, additional puzzles can be bought at 0.5 GBP per pack. There are 4 packs available, each with 400 puzzles and each corresponding to one of the difficulty levels.

sudoku-1 sudoku-2 sudoku-3 sudoku-4 sudoku-5 sudoku-6 sudoku-7

One little thing that was annoying is that the game doesn’t keep the screen always on. So for those who set a short screen off timer to conserve battery it will be frustrating to keep turning on your device because you were thinking too much and tapping too little.


Sudoku is a great app for Sudoku lovers. It has a simple and crisp interface, no ads, music or other disturbances and comes with 40 free puzzles to solve. It’s basically a must have if you are into this game and don’t want to use the old pencil and paper.


QR Code sudoku-qr-code
Reviewed Version 1.1
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 1.2 MB
Advertising No
Developer jdamcd

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Published on: 9 April 2013
Tags: games puzzle sudoku