Temple Run

For the fast paced Android gamers out there, Temple Run brings you a great arcade chase, all in beautiful 3D. Using a third person view, you will control a character that has just stolen a cursed idol and is now running away from some wild monkeys. Although based in a three dimensional world, this chase will only test your responsive skills to duck, jump, turn and lean. The scenery is quite good for a mobile game and it runs ok even on an old Nexus One device.


The only controls you need to worry about is when to jump, duck, turn right or left or lean left or right. The first four are done using a simple swipe while leaning is achieved using the device’s accelerometer (simply tilt your phone left or right). There are many obstacles and surely a lot of ways to die in the game. We’ll let you find and explore these.

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Along the way you can also collect coins. Coins are later used to buy power ups and utilities and also customize your character or wallpaper. Power ups can be upgraded and they will be present along your path (usually you need to jump in order to catch them). There are five power ups available:

  • mega coin – this one is worth a lot of coins so make sure you get it
  • coin magnet – quite obvious from the name. As long as it is active, you will collect all the coins on your path.
  • invisibility – not exactly invisible, but you will have no more worries to jump, duck or turn while this is active.
  • boost – your speed will increase (this is somehow connected to invisibility because you cannot die while having this power up active)
  • double value coins – also obvious from the name

Utilities on the other hand have a single usage. They activate once, at your command and once used you need to purchase them again.

temple-run-3 temple-run-4 temple-run-5

Of course you can also buy these coins using in app purchases, for real money.


Temple Run is a quick game that requires fast reactions and a solid android device. We have also played Temple Run on the new iPad and there is a clear difference in performance. If you have an old Android device be prepared to have a certain lag for your actions and be prepared to lose the game because of poor control responsiveness. All in all it is a simple and fun game, it is also free so we will definitely recommend it.


QR Code qrcode-temple-run
Reviewed Version 1.0.1
Device used for testing HTC Nexus One
Price Free
Size 26 MB
Advertising No
Developer Imangi Studios

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Published on: 12 April 2012
Tags: arcade games